Zeike Taylor

December 06, 2016

Dr Zeike Taylor is a senior lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield, and a member of the CISTIB Centre for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine. His main area of research is soft tissue modelling and simulation, in particular with application to problems in interactive surgical simulation, and systems for therapy planning and guidance. His team has ongoing projects in mathematical modelling of soft tissues, numerical solution methods, image-based modelling, and applications of these in various clinical domains.

He is a strong advocate of open source development, having been the main architect of the NiftySim GPU-based FE package, and contributing to CISTIB's open source imaging and modelling platform GIMIAS. He leads the Intervention Planning and Real-time Computational Update theme in the EPSRC-funded UK Image-Guided Therapies Network+, and is a work package leader on the FP7 VPH-DARE@IT project.