Yohan Payan

December 06, 2016 Aurélie Couvidat

With an engineering and cognitive science background, Yohan Payan was hired in 1997 as a Professor in Grenoble University. He moved to CNRS in 2002 and has now a senior research director position in that French institution. His main research interests concern the biomechanical modeling of soft tissues and their integration into medical devices used to assist surgeons for planning (pre-operative surgical assistance) or to guide them during surgery (intra-operative guidance). The corresponding applications concern plastic and maxillofacial surgery, breast cancer treatment, neurosurgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation, based on organs (face, tongue, eyes, breast, brain) or musculoskeletal models (lower limb, including bones and soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, fat and skin).

During the last fifteen years, he has co-supervised 30 PhD students, written close to 300 papers and edited three books. Currently, Yohan Payan is the head of the Grenoble CAMI team (Computer Assisted Medical Interventions – 50 people) and Deputy Director of TIMC-IMAG Laboratory (www-timc.imag.fr – 280 people). Yohan Payan also coordinates the Excellent Center for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions (ECCAMI - http://www.eccami.org).