Giuseppe Sciume

December 06, 2016

Giuseppe Sciumè (33) is Maître de Conference at the Institut de Mécanique et d’Ingénierie – I2M (UMR CNRS 5295) of Bordeaux. Research interests are in mathematical modeling of heat and mass transport in deforming porous medium systems. Major applications are on multiphase modeling of tumor growth, mechanics of soft biological tissues, and THCM analysis of cement-based materials. GS is an active scientist in the field of Engineering, Material Science and Applied Mathematics. His PhD Thesis (doctorate in co-tutelage between University of Padua and ENS-Cachan) has been awarded with the Alert Geomaterials Phd Prize 2014 (2014 – Assois, France) and the 2eme Prix de l’Universite (ex aequo) of the Conseil General du Val de Marne (2014 – Creteil, France) for original application of porous media mechanics to tumor growth modeling. Details about this work can be found in this YOUTUBE video ( which presents the paper:  “A multiphase model for three-dimensional tumor growth” in New Journal of Physics